Race To Lace Game
Race To Lace Game
Race To Lace Game
Race To Lace Game
Race To Lace Game
Race To Lace Game
Race To Lace Game

Race To Lace Game

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Introducing Race To Lace!

Are you looking for the best kids travel activities for kids on airplane? Look no further! Race to Lace to the rescue! The incredibly simple, yet extremely fun game for the whole family! Kids 4 & up will love Race to Lace can be played with friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, and more!

Quick and simple to learn. Just deal the lacing boards, pick a difficulty level, decide play mode, deal the cards, and Race to Lace!

Simple, Yet Outragously Fun!

This simple game includes 2 threading boars, 4 levels of cards, & 2 sets of laces.

The game can include more players with the purchase of more game kits. Play with as many people as you like!

How to Play:

Step 1: Pick A Game Mode - Decide on single card, multi card, number of players, skill level, etc.

Step 2: Deal cards and laces

Step 3: Start racing to copy the lace pattern on the card

Step 4: Match the card's lace pattern and win!

Who Can Play: Kids 4 & Up will enjoy this game and gain better hand & eye coordination. Additionally, children will learn how to pay close attention to detail while copying the lacing pattern on each card. This is a great game for two siblings to play or with parents. Mix skill levels with younger and older children for competitive play. Family memories will be made with Race to Lace!

Where to Play?

Race to Lace is a compact game for travel and more! This game is the perfect travel entertainment for kids and adults alike! Make those boring plane or car trips more interesting and competitive! Spice up your next train ride. Need something to keep kids occupied on a road trip? This game set is small and can easily fit into any carry on bag, travel bag, and more.


  • 🚗 Perfect Car & Plane Games: Race to Lace is the perfect travel game for kids and adults on the go! Race another person or a timer to copy the lacing pattern on a card. Kids and adults can challenge each other on this great road trip game. Easy to learn and play in minutes!
  • 🙏 How To Be Victorious: Each player receives 1 lacing board, 3 strings, and 1 card. Be the first one to copy the pattern and win! Other play modes include solo time race, multi card game, and handicap difficulty level play. One of the best games on the go for the entire family.
  • 👍 Compact, Easy, & Flexible: Simple and small to carry in cars, bags, carryon bags, and more. Little Jupiter offers the best kids activities for travel. Perfect for playing in small areas, family parties, sleepovers, birthday parties, car rides, train rides, airplanes, and more! Play in just as little as a few minutes or extend the game with more cards for longer play.
  • 😃 Fun for Everyone, Anytime: The best car & airplane game for kids and adults. Everyone will enjoy battling their friends and family. Each set comes with accessories for 1 or 2 players. Purchase more games to expand to 3 or more players. Kids 4 and up can play! The perfect family game for kids versus kids, kids versus adults, and even adults versus adults!
  • 🎁 Perfect Gift: Race to Lace is make a great affordable gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, & More. Adults and Children and will love all of the memories they can create with our on the go games. Children and adults will get hours of play with this simple, yet fun game.