Little Jupiter Glow In The Dark Pajama Set - Santa Claus

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Little Jupiter Glow in The Dark Santa Claus Pajamas

Do you have a small child? Is he or she having issues with sleeping in the dark?

Looking for something to make the holidays special?

Make them feel a little more at ease at night with GLOW IN THE DARK pajamas from Little Jupiter!

The chest outline glows in the dark after around 15-30 mins of being exposed to light.

Have a UV light? Shine it on the design to SUPERCHARGE the glowing feature for even more brightness! So much fun & so cute!

Our GLOW IN THE DARK Santa Claus pajamas are both functional and help children with their fear. Does your child love Christmas pajamas? We've got you covered with the absolute best jammies for your child, grandchild, or family friend.

✓ 2 Piece set comes with both long sleeve top and bottom

✓ Our pajama set features a soft yet stretchy cotton blend material. It washes/dries great in the machine with VERY MINIMAL SHRINKAGE! 

✓ Tested cotton blend materials (with polyester & spandex) for a snug yet safe fit for your child's body

✓ Perfect for sleepovers, pajama parties, PJ get-togethers, vacations, playdates, birthday gifts, Christmas, presents, and more!

✓ Designed with a custom Santa and striped pant design.

✓ No neck tag. Say goodbye to itchy necks!

✓ Medium thickness. Wear it year-round in most locations

✓ A variety of sizes from age 2 to 10 yrs. Designed for boys and girls. Check the chart for height recommendations. Toddlers to big kids will love it. Get matching sets for all the kids!

✓ Pajamas are designed to be worn snug. See chart for height chart

BEST GLOWING EFFECT: Place under light for 15-30 mins. This allows the design to charge and glow brighter. UV lights will SUPERCHARGE the design.

BEST CARE: Using a drying machine on the top will diminish the glowing effect slightly. Hang dry for the best result.

SIZE CHART: Please see the size chart. Sizes should be selected based on the child's height